Guiding Principles

We are committed to selling products which adhere to Christian values.  All of our products follow these guiding principles:

1) Wholesome - we will not sell products which promote profanity, sex, violence, alcohol, drugs or paganism.

2) Quality - we aim to provide the highest quality products we can find for the value. If you have a quality issue with one of our products, we will refund you immediately and also remove the product from our inventory.

3) Family-oriented - we look for products which will support and nurture an experience that can be shared by the entire family and all generations.

4) Educational - we aim to create and sell content that helps people better understand the word of God in the Bible and the message of Christ our Lord.

5) Brand-Free - we avoid selling commercially branded products (Disney, etc.) There are plenty of stores offline and online where one can find those goods. We want to provide a simpler experience.