10 Christian-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

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10 Christian-Friendly Halloween Costumes for  Kids

Can and should Christians celebrate Halloween? That's a question many Christians may ask. After all, Halloween themes are about paganism, witchcraft, ghosts - all things that are anti-thetical to our Christian faith. The origins of Halloween go back 2,000 years, and to the Celtic tradition of Samhain, which marked the end of summer, beginning of winter and a day to celebrate the dead. Halloween has more recently been adopted by the neo-pagans and Wiccans (witches) as the most important holiday - effectively their New Year. So how should Christians feel about Halloween? 

Christians can find many traditions to embrace during Halloween. Many Christians suggest focusing on the All Saints Day history of Halloween which celebrates our saints and martyrs. It is a holiday which can be empowering for many Christians, to reject darkness and evil, as Jesus Christ defeated Satan, evil and death.  Our choice of costumes can reflect our Christian values, and there are plenty of ways to keep Halloween fun and exciting for the kids without having to incorporate devils, witches and horror motifs. Here are 10 Christian-friendly costume ideas for kids:

1. Angel

These adorable costumes can be worn by a boy or a girl. Simply find a white shirt or dress and add a pair of angel wings. You can buy a halo or make your own unique halo using tinsel, felt piping, or a floral wreath.

2. All-American Cowboy/Girl

The cowboy/girl is always a popular favorite. Just throw on a gingham shirt, colorful bandana, boots and a western hat. Or you can save a lot of time and buy a head-to-toe outfit - here are two great picks for a fun cowboy or cowgirl.


3. Veterinarian

Kids love their pets - so why not dress them as a vet? It's a great opportunity to teach them about what vets do! And, they can bring their favorite stuffed toy animal with them as a companion.

4. Astronaut

A great STEM learning costume for boys and girls! Start getting them excited about science with an aspirational astronaut costume and encourage them to reach for the stars!

5. Shepherd Boy/Little Bo Beep

The simple shepherd is an important character in the Bible - Abraham and King David were both shepherds and Jesus himself was called "the good shepherd". A shepherd costume is a great way to share Bible stories with your child and teach them about responsibility. For girls, here is an adorable shepherdess costume as Little Bo Beep.

6. Doctor

A doctor is a fun and educational costume for kids. This cute costume from Melissa & Doug comes with a full kit of accessories - stethoscope, ear scope, reflex hammer and more. You can also create your own costume if you have a doctor in the house!

7. Friar/Nun

These friar and nun costumes would be great for brother/sister siblings. How much cuter can these get?  And you can recycle the friar costume as Obi-wan Kenobi next year, just add a light saber!

8. Pumpkin

There is no simpler or easier costume than being a pumpkin. Perfect for a boy or girl, it's a beloved Halloween symbol that will never get tired!

9. Peanuts

Dress up as characters from the beloved Peanuts cartoon.  You can choose any character from the Peanuts gang - here we have Charlie Brown and Lucy.  On the day of Halloween, watch "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"!

10. Pilot

A pilot is a great career profession for a man or woman - your kids will love role playing and putting on their uniform to fly the friendly skies!

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